Caring for your Sylvan Hardware

Thank you for choosing one of our Sylvan products, here are a few helpful hints to make sure you keep your Sylvan product in good working order.

Caring for the finish of your product:
  • The plated finishes of polished brass, gold, black, black nickel plate, are all classified as soft finishes.
  • It is essential that no cleaning products are sprayed onto items that have a black finish as cleaning products will damage the finish.
  • Polished Brass and Stainless steel Sylvan products do require a little bit of TLC from the homeowner, to ensure the finish remains in it’s purchased condition. Sea salt, dust, oil from hands and environmental conditions can cause specs or discolouration to the surface. It is essential that these surfaces are cleaned regularly (every 3 months) with a soft cloth and mild soapy water. Or for Stainless steel products use a stainless steel cleaner and lanolin to protect its surface
  • Sometimes over time installed items will work themselves loose, it is essential that when you see any back plate or screw becoming loose that you tighten them up. To tighten always turn in a clockwise motion. If your hardware is not kept secure it can put pressure on the set and cause internal damage, this is especially important for door knobs and handles.​​​​​​​